New York could become home to the longest building in the world

A mind-blowing architectural design has been dreamt up by Ioannis Oiaonomou of Oiio Studio, in the hope to break a new kind of world record. The U-shaped tower called the ‘big bend’ aims to become the world’s longest building and one of the most prestigious high-rises in Manhattan. The incredible structure will feature a special elevator that can move both vertically and horizontally to form a complete loop. There are a lot of giant skyscrapers in the works that are set to change New York’s skyline, including the recent project designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. According to the plan, the construction will be home to ultra-luxury condos, along with a hotel and a mall in the centre of New York. The late architect is known for her vast and groundbreaking achievements and her contribution to shaping China’s landmarks and cityscape. Our Riviera Macao team are eagerly awaiting her latest venture, which will be unveiled later this year in the City of Dreams, Cotai, Macao.