Prada restores Shanghai’s beautiful Rong Zhai Mansion

The historic fashion brand Prada has recently unveiled its most ambitious project to date. Hidden behind a gated compound in the Putuo District, Shanghai lies their newly renovated 20th century garden villa, Prada Rong Zhai. The project took almost six years to restore and represents a unique connection between Shanghai and Milan. Architecture has always played an important part in creating a brand’s voice, which is perfectly expressed in this villa’s Western-style structures and Chinese Art Deco elements. Their teams from Italy and China worked together to create something extraordinary, a memory for all to experience. Prada Rong Zhai takes its visitors back to Shanghai’s belle époque and tells their story in the most spectacular way. Discover some of China’s hidden gems with Riviera’s venue sourcing team who will assist you to find the perfect architectural jewel for your next event.