Best Practice #5: Pre-recording & Editing Video Content

Take some of the stress out of your virtual event – it doesn’t ALL have to be live. Pre-recording some of your key material can make for a more seamless event, particularly if you have presenters or speakers who are nervous about delivering their segment ‘live’.

Being able to pre-record a portion of your content does open up some fantastic opportunities. For example, perhaps the CEO of your company in your HQ isn’t available to join the event live due to the time difference or a gruelling schedule, but they want to send a message or check in with viewers at some point during the activation. This allows you to do that.

You can use post production cuts to energise your existing content as you are able to achieve some other ‘edited’ features that you might not have otherwise been able to achieve.

Or perhaps you are trying to align too many high profile or even celebrity guest appearances or performances, into one time slot. Maybe you have engaged a KOL or influencer to promote your product or endorse your launch. This allows you to provide even more high-quality content for your viewers and to be able to use it more than once, if you are looking to deliver a series of virtual showcases. This will help to manage cost.

It is key to remember not everything can be pre-recorded otherwise the engagement and appeal of your event will quickly diminish. You must find a balance, guests want to be watching something that is live, rather than just a pre-recorded video and if you go too far down the pre-recorded route you lose the authenticity of that live element.

The live element of your event, doesn’t need to be stressful when you use the right partner, so think of this best practice as an opportunity to deliver more value and better content rather than ‘to make it easier’.

Riviera can help you strike the right balance to optimise your next virtual event. Reach out to us at [email protected] to get the ball rolling.