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Check out our Co-Founder Stephane de Montgros telling CEI about the challenges of the event industry and the importance of investing in new technologies to stay ahead of the game!


China is constantly pushing the boundaries of what new technologies can offer, just like the Silicon Valley. This has resulted in marketers shifting budgets from traditional events to online promotional campaigns. In addition, the 2015 economic slowdown in China has significantly intensified competition between agencies.


The idea of ‘copy and paste’ is a widespread habit within China’s work environment, consequently agencies must continually strive to offer the most creative and technologically advanced events.
As director of an event agency in China, my job is to encourage and support all of our teams in adopting the latest technologies as early as possible. This is crucial because our clients deserve access to the best technologies in the market in order to differentiate themselves from competitors. Also, competing agencies have done a great job keeping up with the new features we have launched over the past two years.


In 2014, it was all about drones. Over a 12-month period, we invested in three generations of flying machines offering our clients never-seen-before digital images and videos of their events. The use of drones for even rather formal corporate gatherings can make for exciting post-event videos.
The challenge with new technologies lies in the decision of when to enter. Too early, and the technology will be overpriced and very rough; the cost paid versus the value it brings to clients may be questionable. Too late, then yes, the technology will be much more cost-effective, but event teams will be behind on learning how to promote and master it. This year, I have my eye on iBeacons, 3D printing and virtual reality. The challenge, of course, is when to invest.


We could decide to work with freelancers to bring these technologies to our clients without having to bear the investment, however, investing both time and capital allows us to deliver these technologies to the best of their capabilities and at a favourable price.


Perpetual technology breakthroughs are a fact; you can resist it, but we embrace it.