Riviera Events Live Streams in Bangkok!

Whether it’s a conference or awards dinner we are increasingly seeing brands incorporate live streaming into their events as a way of engaging a new audience from across the globe. Technology has taken over the art of communication and with live-streaming being so accessible, the new advancement has enabled brands to capture their events and deliver content worldwide, improving exposure and increasing sales. We have been enjoying the rising wave of live streaming, so much that our Shanghai team flew over to Bangkok to support the Finalist Announcement event for The Hotelier Awards last week. It was a wonderful celebration for all the hoteliers and through our onsite production, supporters, friends and a family members could catch the live updates from the comfort of their own home or workplace. The future of your events is to broadcast them. Consumers are becoming more and more demanding, they want things at their fingertips and they want it now. So, dive into the live ‘stream’ with us and let us help you reach a far greater audience. Contact Riviera Events for more information on how you can benefit from this fast-growing trend.