Riviera Flies #CarbonNeutral

Flying is detrimental to the environment, burning jet fuel and releasing greenhouse gases to the upper atmosphere. As an event agency with 9 offices across Greater China and South East Asia, our team regularly fly across the region, which begs the question, what are we doing to take responsibility for our company’s action as a whole on the environment? We are on a mission to reduce our air travel footprint and do our part as global citizens. Collaborating with Cool Effect, Riviera has committed to offset all flights taken by our team members, starting from the 1st July 2019 and fly #CarbonNeutral henceforth! Cool Effect supports a plethora of carbon-reducing projects, from tropical forest protection in Peru to installing biogas digesters and clean cooking stoves in China. As the biogas digesters project is based in Sichuan province, where one of our offices is located, we have chosen to support this initiative as part of offsetting our air travel carbon. Follow our journey as we take steps to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious in our emission footprint.

Feeling inspired? Offset your carbon footprint with Cool Effect!