Singapore Biennale

The international contemporary visual arts exhibition, Singapore Biennale, returns to the country for its 6th edition. Titled “Every Step in the Right Direction”, the Biennale theme confronts the reality of a troubled world and challenges artists to express their responsibility and impact through visual experiences. A country-wide movement over the course of four months, the Singapore Biennale invites residents and visitors to immerse in the power of artistic expression and uncover their “step in the right direction.” Taking place at the same time is teamlab’s #futuretogether exhibition in the Gardens by the Bay. By seamlessly blending their iconic work with the metropolis’ landscape, teamlab brings forth a hopeful perspective and draws a perfect close to the celebration of Singapore’s Bicentennial. Riviera Events’ Singapore team is thrilled to celebrate the Singapore Biennale and take advantage of the creative experiences available throughout the country!