Sky-high in Shenzhen

Out of the 128 new buildings that stretched over 200m tall last year, 70% of those were in China, and 11 of them were in Shenzhen alone. This gives us some fabulous new venues to seek out for jaw dropping events and makes it even more exciting to be working in such a dynamic and forward-thinking environment. With Shenzhen having been dubbed the silicon valley of the East, it has grown from just a small fishing village to a financial and technology hub that has become world class. Towering above many others, there is little indication that construction will slow as the powerful city produces outstanding architecture and technology. One of the most recent designs for a new creation is that of Atelier Global. They recently won a competition for their design of “Book City”. A spectacular work of art that aims to rejuvenate the district by having architecture that interlocks a system of cultural spaces. Greenery is obviously a large feature as it is the current trend, along with a beautiful mixture of outdoor and indoor spaces that are bright and interactive.