Standing Out as a Beverage Brand in the 21st Century

Indeed, how do you stand out as a beverage brand in an era of social media frenzies, “Instagram-famous” titles, and artificial hype? The annual Drinks Tourism Challenge Awards from the U.K believes that those who seek excellence and “invest in creating a visitor experience” are the role models to look towards. Brands like Wine Australia and Bundaberg Rum that were recognised by this prestigious platform in their 2019 edition serve as great learning guide for the rest that are trying to break through the “noise”. Riviera was proud to deliver Wine Australia’s China Awards at the Bulgari Hotel Shanghai, which helped bring home the “Most Effective Promotional Body” title for the brand. Additionally, our team also supported the 2018 Wine Australia China Roadshow. We are aligned in the belief that creating experiences is key to engaging with and building relationships with consumers vis-à-vis real interactions!