Strawpocalypse in Ho Chi Minh City

168,000 recycled plastic straws, 500 volunteers, 6 months and 1 message. Photographer Benjamin Von Wong’s latest art installation, “Strawpocalypse – The Parting of the Plastic Sea” warns the world of the urgent need to address the use of single-use beverage straws. To actualise his vision, the artist, together with volunteers went to the streets of Vietnam to collect and sort these plastic menaces. Their efforts amounted to an impressive 3.3-meter-high sculpture, composed solely of coloured straws, mimicking the body of ocean waves. The main message conveyed through this grand artwork is the idea that small actions like saying “no straws please” may amount to a large impact on our environment. Riviera is actively working towards sustainable solutions in our offices and works. Our team strives to work towards reducing the impact of our footprint without compromising the quality of production. Stay tuned on our journey!