teamLab’s ‘A Forest where Gods Live’

teamLab are at it again, creating a spectacular collection. Originating in Tokyo, the collective has crafted a deeply-immersive digital installation intertwined with the beautiful Mifuneyama mountain. A luscious eco-system of flora and fauna, with a rich history and sacred trees that tell a story. The natural haven has been transformed with digital waterfalls, virtual koi carp wiggling their way through the pond and some jaw dropping projected images that create an enchanting and engaging nighttime art adventure. Visitors feel spellbound by the beauty and calm of the park, as they stroll through the 14 different immersive creations with a canopy of towing trees overhanging. When they reach the ancient bathhouse, drawings of flowers and birds amongst other creatures are scanned to become a part of the digital canvas. When nature merges with something manmade, without damaging or disrupting the true essence, we get something truly special.