Thailand’s Wonderfruit Festival

On the hills of the West of Pattaya, the annual Wonderfruit Festival held a four-day, carbon neutral event celebrating the arts. Designed by ad rogers, the festival consisted of an eco-pavilion, the theatre of feasts and the bath house, all described as temporary structures that can “appear and disappear at will”. Notably, guests attending the lectures and events at the man-made crater were sheltered from the blazing sun by large umbrellas in the colours of red, pink and white. Another highlight in the production was a floating network of pontoons and pavilions, which allowed attendees to relax, socialise, swim and bathe. A festival characterised by sustainable and reusable components ensures a gathering that limits its carbon footprint and is environmentally friendly. Riviera is thrilled to offer its expertise and services in Thailand while supporting the mission of utilising sustainable solutions for event creativity and production.