The Future is Digital When it Comes to Fashion

Exclusive fashion brands are always on the lookout for new ways to adapt to the digital era and connect to their consumers. The industry is a tough one to break into and thus modern designers are using technology to develop what we know as the ‘typical purpose of clothes’, in order to better serve us in this new tech-driven world. Asian designers are not about to shy away from this style of innovation as they experiment with 3D printing, LED lighting and interactive fabrics. Ying Gao, the Chinese-born designer crafts apparel with fluid motion elements, which move when triggered by ambient sounds. Japanese apprentice, Junya Watanabe, translates futuristic ideas into unique designs, with his solar powered jacket that allows you to charge your phone on the go! Beijing-based Vega Wang is another designer to look out for, she uses electroluminescent technology to create bold and daring work. The concept of marrying fashion with technology is rising and it could be a great way to wow your audience at your next event. Get in contact with our in-house show management team and get inspired by the latest digital trends.