The Technology that is Transforming the Cruise Industry

The Cruise industry is currently the fastest growing segment of travel, which is why it is so important that they focus on reinventing themselves. Cruise ships are most ripe for innovation and change as they have often been left behind when it comes to technology. Companies are beginning to focus on the future attitudes and interests of travelling consumers as the entire cruise experience plans to set sail.

Industry leaders are keen to leave their mark on the future, and we can see just that, as Carnival introduces its revolutionary wearable technology at the CES convention this week in Las Vegas. They are moving away from traditional front desk experiences to a virtual concierge, in the form of the ‘Ocean Medallion’, which launches next year. The medallion will connect users with other passengers and staff members, creating an elevated level of service. It will guide customers around the ship and engage with them in a personal and intuitive way. For example, alerting a seafood lover when the new catch of the day is being served in one of the many fabulous restaurants. A big leap for the sector and one that we are eager to watch evolve. At Riviera Events we are well versed in the importance of engagement and experience when it comes to events and these technological advancements are kind of innovations we continually explore.