The time has come! Muji Hotel

There was a frenzy of excitement amongst Muji fans when they first announced plans to open their debut hotel. The time has come and many have been keen to take a glimpse inside the newly opened project based in Futian, Shenzhen. Simplicity is key when it comes to the overall design, with its sleek and chic interior described by Muji as “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap”, which successfully conveys their brand’s philosophy through all the fine details. As well as the usual wellness and fitness centre, the property boasts a 24-hour library, a Muji store and a Muji Diner, which will serve up locally sourced ingredients. The project is a perfect way to merge the hospitality and retail industry to create the ultimate brand experience. Our team in Shenzhen will be checking out the space as a potential hotel to host future events for clients. Rumour has it that the next venture will be Muji Beijing!