The ultimate festival for art lovers

The world’s largest contemporary art festival has been a success after it’s four-day extravaganza! Art Basel provides the ultimate platform to present the year’s emergent talents. The showcase of artwork was quite a pleaser with twenty-one galleries making their debut. Stars of the contemporary art scene were all prominently represented, with major art work installations by Kaspar Müller, Maggie Lee, and Dane Mitchell.

The swanky art fair continuously expands its platforms to include the newest developments in the visual arts. This year one of China’s most talented young artists unveiled, ‘Reconstruction of the universe’, the stunning wave like structure representing systems of the world. The piece consisted of a series of animated films, utilising both two-dimensional and three-dimensional technologies.

Sun Xun’s signature motifs and Chinese iconography create immersive experiences to activate all senses, he describes what thoughts he hopes to stimulate; “The answer to my project is through the questions. Like, what is time? What is forever? What is history? What is future? What is now?”. Metaphysics of time have been long central to Xun’s concept and vision.

At Riviera, it is all about creating an experience at our events, where guests can engage and interact. Appealing to all senses is a technique that is used to deliver memorable experiences. We hope to follow Xun’s journey and see where his vision take us to in the future.