Best Practice #6: Tracking your ROI

Calculating an event’s return-on-investment (ROI), has been an on-going conversation between marketing leaders and event professionals for many years. It is not an easy thing to do!

With Virtual we have the benefit of tapping into more complex and sophisticated technology that allows us to better track data and maximise ROI. By taking your event online it opens up more opportunities and enables you to make better informed decisions both during your live event, and after the event. Activating your post event sales process has never been easier.

There are a number of different KPIs that can be monitored across your pre event communication materials such as emails or mini-sites, right through to the live stream itself. Session duration, engagement levels, geographical breakdown, behaviour and interaction during the event as well as how viewers respond to push messages. These are just a few of the key areas you can track and should track to be able to get the best ROI on your virtual event.

Riviera can advise on the best platforms to use and the type of metrics to track to ensure you get access to exactly what you need and maximise your investment.

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