Travel green; from Paris to Germany

Next year, Paris will be the first city to ever trial the “flying taxi” on the River Seine. The fiberglass, egg shaped, “SeaBubbles” will serve as an environmentally friendly public transport system if all goes according to plan. Can you imagine cruising along the Huang Pu in Shanghai or the Pearl River in Guangzhou, aboard one of these flying shuttles? In a feat to provide a high-tech and green mode of transport we can also hop across the border to Germany where we see the unveiling of the first zero-emissions train. Powered by hydrogen, the hydrail will be able to travel around 500 miles per day and up to 87mph, whilst combating the issue of heavily polluting diesel trains that currently exist across Europe. With a byproduct of ‘water’ you can’t get much more eco than that! This innovative breakthrough is the brainchild of Alstom CEO, Henri Poupart-Lafarge. As the world attempts to make our globe a cleaner place, we are sure to see some of these innovations take off! Back to the old waterways we go. Instead of arriving in a flash chauffeur driven car at your next event, perhaps you can ‘fly on water’.