Trust Us, We Won’t Bamboozle You With This Idea

Archifest 2018 was recently held in Singapore, highlighting the themes of design for people, design for time, and design for environment. It got us thinking about sustainable event venues that are created for the environment and the people. The Bamboo Sports Hall of the Panyaden International School in Bangkok constructed by CLC leaves onlookers feeling awe-struck at the first glance. Notably, the bamboo employed to build the edifice absorbs carbon at a much higher volume than that emitted during the treatment, transportation, and construction process. For that reason, the project has absolutely zero carbon footprint! Additionally, the architectural integrity of the sports halls is bullet-proof, capable of withstanding strong winds and natural disasters. Riviera’s team is optimistic for the potential to host incredible events that are conscious of the impact to the environment. Contact Riviera today to plan your event at an environmentally-sustainable yet equally incredible venue.