Virtual Wardrobes for all our Fashion Needs

New technology is hoping to change the way we dress by pulling together outfits through a virtual wardrobe. Companies such as British fashion label, Finery, plan to do all the hard work for you by organising, shopping and styling wherever you are in the world. The advanced technology combs through online receipts in search for clothing purchases and then uploads images to a virtual wardrobe. It seems like an incredibly complex idea, but it is not stopping several ambitious fashion companies which plan to make their mark in the future. Personal wardrobe management business, Vault Couture, has recently taken this concept to the next level by introducing a 24-hour service that provides an online inventory of clients’ wardrobes, which can then be shipped to anywhere in the world. The luxury platform has attracted the super elites, who want to travel luggage-free without being deprived of their fashion outfits. This may be a great solution for the celebrities at our events, who wish to receive a special piece from their spectacular collection at the click of a button.