Your Robotic Dessert is Now Served!

As if we didn’t eat enough over the Chinese New Year holiday, we are now feasting our eyes on the impressive works of modern dessert chefs, who are on a mission to explore new ways to experience food. Upcoming culinary student Erika Marthins has embraced her fast-paced digital environment and created an intriguing selection of desserts using edible robotics, light-shaping technology, and digital data information. The project is called ‘Déguster l’augmenté’ and is described by Marthins as a “compressed bite of edible culture”. Pastry chefs are rapidly embracing digital technology and sparking the most unique trends, including the daringly edible 3D printing trend. Architect-turned-pastry chef, Dinara Kasko, has become a sweet success after sculpturing dessert pops using computer modelling software. The possibilities seem endless when it comes to customising these desserts, it could be the perfect way to impress your guests amongst the spread at your next event. We are certain it will be love at first bite!