CBRE 2020 Forum

For the first time in history, CBRE took their Annual Forum online, broadcasting to over 6000 people. The virtual event featured a number of high-profile senior executives from the company and wider industry, speaking on a range of topics. The forum included keynote speeches, panel discussions and breakout sessions that explored the opportunities in today’s challenging market and what is to come in the next decade. Our strategy was to execute an intuitive and seamless virtual event, ensuring an engaging guest journey as attendees navigated their way throughout the online experience. We helped to develop the concept, delivered the design and production, supported with video shooting and editing, built a mini-site from scratch and broadcast the Forum to guests both inside and outside of China. We also incorporated intelligent solutions that encouraged guest participation and engagement, such as a virtual coffee feature, live surveys and a real-time commenting section. A combination of traditional setup and digital solutions were used to create an impactful and engaging experience for viewers, with multiple facets to the virtual event. We leveraged a green screen studio, graphic overlays, animation and a virtual 3D environment to bring the event to life. To ensure a high quality visual and a ‘real’ feel, we used additional lighting in the studio to mimic the 3D virtual environment that was projected onto the green screen to give a more premium and quality aesthetic. The viewing experience was engaging with multiple camera angles, dynamic content and regular switching of environments and backdrops. Working with our trusted partners we developed a mini-site for the virtual event to be hosted on, from scratch. It was a fully integrated site that processed registrations, hosted the event, acted as a portal of information for guests, provided a welcome experience prior to the start of the event, had a live comments section and virtual coffee feature. We integrated a leading webcasting platform into the mini-site that also had data tracking capabilities for the client. Guests could choose from different soundtracks in the breakout rooms and had full view of the real-time slides switching. Our Shanghai team was delighted to support CBRE realise their vision for their first ever Virtual Forum.