Lee Seung-gi and Jasper Liu Show Launch

The two charming Korean & Taiwanese celebrities, Lee Seung-gi and Jasper Liu, launch their latest show, calling for a series of virtual Press Conferences and a Virtual Fan Event to promote its release.

Riviera was engaged to support with the China portion of two press conferences, lived streamed to media across Korea and the rest of APAC, in three different languages, Korean, Chinese and English. Our team was based in Wuxi and juggled multiple locations, languages and live broadcasting platforms to ensure a seamless event for the stars.

The Press Conferences were subsequently followed by a Virtual Fan Event, where thousands of loyal followers tuned in from across APAC to join the live stream on The Swoon Channel. A few hundred “special fans” had the opportunity to appear alongside the talent and be part of the overall collage live, and of those a few hand-picked lucky ones were then given the chance to ask their favourite celebrities questions, in person, about the latest programme.

With the two co-stars interacting with the host via HD Video Call, and the “special fans” connected on a separate video conference platform, the feeds were then merged together. This created an impressive visual effect, with hundreds of fanatics’ faces displayed on a giant LED stage screen, which was captured cinematically with cameras on a jib crane for an elevated experience.

It was a pleasure supporting the talented professionals on their cross-border virtual promotional event. #netflix #twogether