Mubadala Beijing Office Inauguration

Event Type: Corporate Event, Networking

Client Type: Commerce, Investment, Finance

Riviera Office:

Shanghai, China


Graphic Design

Event Production Solutions

Onsite Event Execution

Event Communications

In the heart of Beijing, a prestigious gathering unfolded, marking the official inauguration of the Mubadala Beijing Office. Abu Dhabi wealth fund, Mubadala Investment Co., is a sovereign investor managing a diverse portfolio of assets in the UAE and abroad. A renowned name synonymous with commerce, investment, and finance, Mubadala has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and collaboration and this event, a significant milestone in their journey, brought together partners and employees for a dynamic celebration of their new chapter.

With meticulous care in its planning and execution, Mubadala entrusted Riviera’s event management team in China to ensure a flawless inauguration. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of key speakers, including Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, Managing Director and Group CEO of Mubadala, and Mohamed Albadr, Head of Beijing Office. Their speeches resonated with the values of growth, partnership, and global impact that define Mubadala’s remarkable journey to date.

A captivating Ink Dance performance, thoughtfully provided by our event planning team in Shanghai, added an artistic touch to the evening, emphasising the fusion of tradition and innovation. The event became a meeting point for VIPs and UAE ambassadors, fostering a vibrant networking environment that transcended borders.

Through our event management team’s comprehensive support, spanning graphic design, production solutions, on-site execution, and seamless event communication, every facet of this historic event flowed seamlessly. The Mubadala Beijing Office Inauguration stands as a testament to Mubadala’s unwavering commitment to excellence and Riviera’s dedication to crafting memorable, impactful corporate events.