Summergate Fine Wine China Launch

Event Type: Brand Launch

Client Type: Food and Beverage

Riviera Office: Shanghai, China


Event MC

Event Model Hostesses

Wine Display Shelf

Event A/V

Event Lighting

LED Backdrop and Stage

Summergate Fine Wines and Spirits, a renowned name in the wine industry, held a captivating media launch and gala dinner to introduce their exquisite collection to the Chinese market. With a commitment to delivering exceptional wine experiences, Summergate Fine Wines and Spirits called upon our event planning team in China to assist in showcasing their passion for quality and sophistication.

The Summergate Fine Wine China Launch was a highly-anticipated event that captivated 150 attendees with an extraordinary evening of wine appreciation and celebration. The event garnered significant media interest as industry insiders and wine enthusiasts eagerly gathered to hear from notable speakers, including:

Jerry Shen, General Manager of Summergate Fine Wines;

Berny Yang, General Manager – Greater China of Summergate Fine Wines & Spirits;

Jiakai Zhang, CHATEAU LATOUR Brand Ambassador.

Their insightful remarks and expertise during the launch ignited intrigue while three rounds of lucky draws – featuring Summergate’s red wines as prizes – added an extra layer of excitement to the event, amplifying the media’s curiosity about the brand and its offerings.

Overall, the Summergate Fine Wine China Launch was a momentous occasion that marked the official introduction of Summergate Fine Wines to the Chinese market, solidifying their position as a prominent player in the wine industry. From providing professional MC services to managing the overall event flow and expertly designed LED backdrop and lighting, our dedicated event planning team in China took great pride in meticulously planning and flawlessly executing the event, ensuring its resounding success and meaningfully connecting attendees, brand representatives and media alike.