Summergate Roadshow 2022 | Where Brands Shine

Event Type: Roadshow

Client Type: Beverage

Riviera Office: China


Creative Design

Material Production

Guest Flow Management

Arrival Backdrop


Summergate is a major player in the Greater China drinks market with a mission to create better experiences together. Through a network of 10 regional offices located across the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, they connect the incredible world of drinks with a range of customers in the hospitality, food service and e-commerce industries.

Off the back of having delivered Summergate’s Barefoot China Launch back in 2021, we were absolutely thrilled to once again be called upon to assist with their new China Wine Tasting Tour – a three-stop roadshow that took place in key cities across China: Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

As an initiative that focused on featuring the diverse range of brands that Summergate represents, our first stop began in Hangzhou, where 200+ guests were invited to the Park Hyatt Hangzhou to experience what Summergate has to offer.

From tasting the intricate notes of Summergate’s wide-ranging wine, spirits and beverage portfolio and a series of formal branded wine pairing dinners, to a masterclass educating participants on the overall wine industry, the first leg of this roadshow was a great success!
In addition to these unforgettable experiences, our team in China worked on enhancing creative brand opportunities in the foyer of the hotel, the backdrop, product design, e-invitations, directional signage, brand wall and creative photo props to raise the company’s overall brand awareness within the venue and throughout the event.