EVENTS Group “Travel On” Launch Event

The onset of the pandemic has placed the world on pause and severely impacted the travel industry. Group is one of the world’s largest online travel agencies and a leading voice in the sector. In an effort to promote international travel and the revitalization of the economy, Group appointed Riviera Events to deliver their Travel Revival Program.

The goal of the virtual event was to instil confidence in people across the globe and encourage them to #TravelOn. Prior to the live broadcast on YouTube, Riviera executed a series of activation campaigns and filmed pre-production footage to guarantee an engaging program; these garnered 300,000 viewers prior to the main launch event which consequently attracted over 1 million viewers across a variety of channels.

Our team brought the visual designs to life through the use of 3D animation, and bright, high-contrast colours building a story that viewers could relate to and one that evoked reminiscent memories of the past. The vivid hues embodied feelings of optimism and captured the impulse to travel.

The East China team also supported with creation of animated graphic explainer videos, post-production editing, mixed media video clips, studio stage design, setup and recording, as well as Cinematographic production with dynamic camera movements using dollies and cranes.

We were elated to support and their initiative to revive an industry that we hold close to our hearts, through a compelling virtual event.