Twitter ChinaJoy 2020 Campaign

In the lead up to ChinaJoy 2020 Riviera was proud to support Twitter with the set-up, video recording, editing and direction of a series of keynote presentations across Shanghai and Singapore. The videos were pre-recorded for two main webinar sessions that would be broadcast to over 500,000 people in the gaming industry. Twitter shared their expertise and insights on expanding overseas, innovations in the gaming sector, as well as branding and marketing intel to build buzz prior to the influential ChinaJoy Tradeshow. The presentations positioned Twitter as a leading platform for Chinese gaming companies to reach overseas consumers, highlighting Twitter’s strength in both the US and Japanese markets. Clients of Twitter from across Singapore, Tokyo and China also shared their stories during the virtual event, which ended up attracting over 1.5million viewers! During the ChinaJoy 2020 exhibition, Twitter featured their brand on two billboards which were designed by Riviera. The eye-catching features included a QR code driving attendees to the replay of the broadcasted presentations hosted on 36Kr, to increase viewership and raise brand awareness, and drove more than 500 new followers to their official WeChat account. This way Twitter was still able to have some presence, despite not being physically present with a booth at the tradeshow.