Wai King Kok Relaunch at The Waldorf Astoria on The Bund

Event Type: Restaurant Relaunch

Client Type: Hotel

Riviera Office: Shanghai, China




Live Band

Nestled within the century-old heritage building that once housed the legendary Shanghai Club, the revamped Wai King Kok aims to pamper the palettes of its diners. Set inside the Waldorf Astoria on The Bund, the restaurant’s meticulously written menu and thoughtfully arranged service showcase timeless luxury through both ambience and culinary offerings.

For the relaunch of Wai King Kok, the hotel’s invited guests were treated to an impressive meal within the walls of the main dining hall. Highlights of the night included a menu boasting contemporary Cantonese cuisine accented by Guangfu elements alongside a bespoke tea sommelier experience.

Our team in China were delighted to offer our assistance to the Waldorf Astoria on The Bund ahead of the exciting relaunch of Wai King Kok restaurant. Providing everything from lighting and sound to an enigmatic live band that encompassed the very essence of this hotel (and restaurant’s) heritage through their music. We look forward to seeing how this restaurant continues to showcase timeless luxury in the heart of Shanghai.